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Why Sanctuary Hospice?

Why Sanctuary Hospice?

As a nurse owned and operated agency, Sanctuary puts our patients needs first.  We maintain a mission before margin mantra in all our service efforts, providing the highest quality care for patients, their families, and our community.  We provide services for individuals without insurance, because we believe everyone deserves the benefits of hospice care.  We customize our care plans to fit your needs and wishes when life matters most.

Personal Experiences

  • The nurses that came to introduce Sanctuary Hospice were amazing, Sanctuary is lucky to have you as part of your team.  They answered any, and all, of our questions, they were knowledgeable and kind. I didn’t even know there were so many wonderful things you do!
  • We would like to thank Sanctuary Hospice for all the love, support, and hard work that they put into caring for our grandma. We feel blessed to have you.
  • Sanctuary Hospice is, “fantastic & terrific” you have made a positive difference in my life. 
  • 'thank you' for everything we're doing for my mom. I am extremely happy with Sanctuary services. I watch & see the love, care, attention, kindness, and how gentle your staff is with my mom, and it brings tears to my eyes.  Sanctuary sees my mom 5x a week, they provide such excellent care and is so helpful to the caregivers. I absolutely love Sanctuary, they're just amazing. I truly believe that Sanctuary "saved her mom's life", being so attentive & treating her for an ongoing issue she had. I wasn't sure about hospice for my mom in general, but after seeing how you treat her, I now know that it was definitely the right thing to do and can't praise you enough. 
  • Dr. FL wanted to express how grateful she was for all that Sanctuary Hospice has done for her family, and wanted to also recognize their nurse for always going above and beyond, and constantly showing the best care and compassion
  • Mr. R, son in law of EF, offered appreciation saying our team was wonderful and compassionate in offering care. He was moved to tears in relaying this to me.
  • Received a phone call from CE, boyfriend of patient LR praising Sanctuary for the care they are providing to patient.  I haven’t seen the patient in a good mood and smiling so brightly since she left his home to stay at the B&C!  Great work!!!
  • Received a call from patient FJ stating that she absolutely is grateful for Sanctuary. She says she feels “brand new” and in “better spirits” because of the care you provide to her and she wanted to share it with the everyone.  Great job Sanctuary!!!
  • PC received from daughter of patient ZK who wanted to express how wonderful the care was that Sanctuary Hospice provided to her mother!  Great job guys!
  • Hi - I just got off the phone with CH daughter of LS - she wanted me to know how happy she is with Sanctuary and all our services. She said the B&C too is very pleased and gave special shout out to Sanctuary.
  • Daughter of patient TR called to say that all of the staff that have come to visit her mother have been absolutely wonderful! She continues to say that she is pleased with all the care that Sanctuary is providing her. Great job team!
  • DR from Dr. C’s office was very appreciative to the wonderful care our staff had provided for Mrs. MH who was their "sweetheart!" she also wanted to say that she appreciated the call from the nurse when her mom was transitioning and the call to express condolences when she passed.
  • KV from Sunrise PV called saying that this is the first time she has worked with Sanctuary Hospice and she is very impressed with our services.  She expressed that she loves working with us!  
  • Debbie called yesterday and wanted to extend a huge thank you to Sanctuary for the services we provided her mother JL. She said, “I am so thankful we had Sanctuary on board, you were so helpful. You were all fabulous, fabulous, fabulous.”
  • The daughter of AD expressed thanks and appreciation for all who helped her mom. A special thanks to Sanctuary’s chaplains spiritual care.
  • NR, daughter of patient GR (who passed this week), would like to thank the Sanctuary team for all of their hard work. A special thank you to the staff who worked with her mom frequently
  • Just wanted to inform everyone that the family for JV wanted to make it known that Sanctuary changed the way all family members felt about current condition of Mr. V if even for a short moment. In IV’s (son) words, "they made my dad look CLEAN, not just in the literal sense, but for a second we could almost forget he is so sick, you can tell they really took the time and really cared about making my dad look clean and presentable as if it was my dad himself getting ready for a night out." Mrs. V and her son had tears in their eyes in expressing their gratitude, they said that time, and professionalism shown by Sanctuary would not be forgotten and overall they really just wanted to give thanks
  • I spoke with TK, brother-in-law, of JM today.  JM did not have much in the way of finances or assets so there was not a lot for us to help with.  TK said he and his wife were super appreciative, however, of all of the great service they received from Sanctuary.  He said you all did a “wonderful job” and that they appreciated the way they were carefully guided through each step.  He said he had sent personal texts of thanks to both the nurse and nurses and also mentioned and wanted to thank the social worker, as well as the “wonderful pastor!” 😊   
  • Now that my mom has passed, and I’ve had a chance to take a breath, I want to thank you so much for hearing me, helping me (and mom of course) and making things happen. I will always remember that during the worst days of my life you went out of your way to help me when others wouldn’t. I know my mom would have suffered much more if it wasn’t for everything you did to advocate for her. Bless you for the work you do.
  • Sanctuary, you deserve a thanks for going above and beyond with (me).  Thank you for seeing a need and taking care of it.
  • Sanctuary, you did such a great job for the care that you give and I, we really appreciate you!
  • Sanctuary, my family and I would like to thank you for the care and support your team showed for my mom while she was at B&Z.  You are all such special people taking care of the elderly.  Could you please thank your nurse, for all his help and everyone else involved, you’re a great team!
  • Sanctuary, thank you for the wonderful care you all provided to my mother in her final days. It was greatly appreciated.
  • Words cannot truly express how grateful we are for the thoughtful and gentle way things were handled during the care for my aunt in her final months.  From the first phone call to that final hour after she passed, we felt a natural comfort exuding from everyone we met through Sanctuary Hospice. I also want to say a special thanks to the nurse. She is a strong advocate for her patients, a great communicator, and a very caring person.  Her honest and straightforward communications helped me better handle this difficult situation from 3000 miles away.  I will be eternally grateful.  Sanctuary Hospice is a wonderful organization and it takes special people to do what you all do. It just needs to be said how much it all means to friends and family of hospice patients. Keep doing what you do! Eternally Grateful.
  • Sanctuary Hospice, thank you for selfless and loving care. For listening, and talking to mom. She loved people. She enjoyed having company and looked forward to your visits.  It is her smiles I will miss the most. Her sayings, “Live, Love, Laugh, and be Happy.” “Again, and Again.” I thank you for all the help you gave us, and may you know the Joy & Happiness in your hearts that you brought to ours. With great appreciation, MKC & a pie too!
  • Dear “Angels on Earth” In memory of JC, and her husband who you helped during her passing, your compassion, and guidance eased both our minds during the stressful time. May God continue to hold you in the hollow of Her hands.

Staff Testimonials

“I love working with the team at Sanctuary! After 12 years in hospice, it is inspiring to work with an agency that puts their staff and patients first, my year at Sanctuary has been the best!”

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